Seif Kousmate (b. 1988, Essaouira, Morocco) started his career in photography in 2016. Since then, he has been travelling around the world developing different projects related to migration, social issues and the environment.

For On View 03 we will be focusing on his practice as a documentary photographer and specifically in one of his most notorious series: Waha واحة, which have attracted international attention and led him to exhibit his work in countless major festivals such as Les Rencontres de Bamako and Les Rencontres d'Arles in 2022; or Contact Photography Festival in Toronto and PHotoESPAÑA in 2023.

From the series Waha واحة

A self-taught photographer, Seif Kousmate has dedicated himself to documenting the consequences of migration on society and the impact of climate change in unfavourable places. Due to their importance and urgency, he decided to start experimenting with photography without any restrictions in order to encourage his narrative and spread the message to society. By altering the surfaces of some of his prints, Seif makes them much more visual and brings a new meaning to the subject matter.