Conceptual Projects is always open to collaborate with emerging and underrepresented artists, writers and curators. We are a platform in constant expansion and open for suggestions.

For Photographers (now closed)

Conceptual Projects features original series by emerging photographers on a weekly basis. Our Instagram account acts as a common space to showcase recent projects by young artists that work primarily with photography. 

If you are would like to be considered for a weekly feature on our Instagram profile, please submit the following to info@conceptualprojects.com

︎Artist statement or bio
︎Project statement
︎Minimum 9 images of the project

All the materials shared will be protected and will never be published without the creator’s approval.

The artist will be fully involved in the curation of its feature.

As our main goal is to promote photographer’s careers, we encourage sharing upcoming projects such as upcoming exhibitions, book launches or collaborations with other platforms.

For Curators & Writers

We regularly write between 2 and 3 monthly articles on Medium, an online publishing platform. For all those independent writers and curators that are interested in Conceptual Projects, we invite you to take a look first at our Medium profile and contact us to info@conceptualprojects.com to know how we can collaborate together.