“Something is conceptual when it deals primarily with abstract or original thoughts.”

In relation to art, the definition of the word has undergone numerous changes. Traditionally, conceptual art has been perceived as art that prioritises ideas over form.

We have realised that for many people unfamiliar with the term, "conceptual art" still has a snobbish and pretentious character. For us, the idea behind the artwork is fundamental to understanding the project as a whole, but this should never detract from the importance of the form, which is not the result of an idea, but an equal part of the creation. Storytelling is a valuable feature of contemporary photography, and to understand the artist's full intent, one must listen to (or read, in this case) his words.

Conceptual Projects is an online platform that showcases and supports emerging photographers by promoting their work on social media, offering them a space for debate, producing engaging written content and incentivizing collaboration between artists, curators and writers.

Founded in 2019 and rebranded in 2023, Conceptual Projects is run entirely by Juan Blasco who started the project to give a better understanding of photographers of his generation and to incentivize collaboration between professionals and amateurs that share a genuine passion for our medium.