“It all started with a menu from a small Asian bistro in Berlin”

-Christiane Opitz

Originally from Vietnam, Hiền Hoàng (b. 1990, Quang Ninh) is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Her practice spans photography, installations and performances through which she explores identity and the established social value systems.

For our first On View we would like to introduce her work and some of the projects which led her to be featured in numerous museums around the world such as Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum Benaki in Athens, Centro Cibeles in Madrid or Museum für Photographie Braunschweig among many others.

Made in Rice, 2021
Japanese Tea House, Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, Germany
Photo by Julia Gaes

Many of Hiền Hoàng's images are based on stereotypes and symbols related to Asian culture. In them, she often draws on motifs related to food, nature or traditional patterns; elements that are essential to explore her identity as a Vietnamese woman and also serve as a reflection on how her culture is perceived through the foreign gaze.