22 January - 28 January 2021

Every child in my family grew up listening to the story of the Ciucciuí, a misterious creature that adults used to scare children to put them to sleep. The stories, ‘cause there are different versions of them, dealt with the Ciucciuí kidnapping the children who weren't in bed at night, taking them to his huge and scary nest, from which they couldn't escape. All of us were absolutely sure we heard his voice, at least once, but none of us could be ever be able of recall how it sounded. None of us had ever seen the creature, it had been living for years in the childrens' memories in multiple forms, changing its appearence every time through the eyes of one of us.

Is it possible to have memories of something you can't surely say exists? Can you believe that something exists, without having the proof?

This work was born out of the need to reconstruct a fragmented memory, in order to create a new one where it doesn't exist, to fullfill a visual and acustic gap through an improvised use of scientific research instruments and new technologies. Videosurveillance, microphotography, infrared, 3d scanning, photographic cataloguing of computer generated evidences, come into contact with the family archive and with sound (generated from the images through a software capable of transforming pixels into frequencies), in order to document a hidden reality that no one ever felt the need to prove to be truthfully.

“Ciucciuí” is a multisensorial investigation that doesn't aim at a specific instance - apart from the awareness that it's not important to find what you're looking for - rather the action of looking itself; one that never stops and continuously changes, together with us and our memory.
In “Ciucciuì” not only photography is a tool for the investigation of a hidden reality, but it also have a cathartic role: it can exorcise a childhood fear, by giving form and image to something which was shapeless and obscure and due to that, terrifying.

“Ciucciuì” began in 2019 and is an ongoing project

Priscilla Pallante (b.1992, Rome, Italy) is a photographer and a visual artist living and working in Rome. Her research focuses on the relation between photography and other disciplines, in order to continuously put under discussion the medium and its limits in the objective reproduction of reality, forcing the medium to create unusual alliances with science, new technologies, sound and installation, in order to bring photography beyond the photograph itself and to activate synaesthetic experiences which can emulate the way we usually experience the world that surrounds us.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Photography at the European Institute of Design (Rome, Italy).



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