104 Viviendas
26 March - 1 April 2021

Grupo Generalísimo Franco is the housing estate in the town of Les Borges Blanques where my maternal grandparents lived. It was inaugurated in 1962,with symbols of General Francisco Franco’s regime on buildings and street signs: the pickaxe and the wheat stalks of the regime’s public housing association, Obra Sindical del Hogar y Arquitectura, and the yoke and arrows of the fascist party, Falange Española y de las JONS.

These symbols were defaced after the passing of the dictator. In some cases, their traces are indiscernible. In others, the scar of the chisel leaves a glimpse both of the old carvings and the act of their removal.

Whatever they may be, the iconoclastic gestures show a specific relationship with the past, its memory and its understanding, as well as with the present and the construction of the future.

Pol Masip (b. 1993, La Secuita, Spain) is a Barcelona-based photographer holding a degree in History of Art.

His personal work is mainly focused on exploring the political dimension of architecture, the urban landscape and public space and he has won several awards, and has been exhibited in museums, art centres and festivals such as Fotonoviembre (Tenerife), Centre d’Art La Panera (Lleida), Embarrat (Tàrrega) or Sala d’Art Jove (Barcelona).



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