14 November - 20 November 2019

Arriving is a project about the architecture of refugee accommodations in Germany.

Through architecture a society is imparting its values. Even though Germany got known for its “welcome-culture” consciously and unconsciously they create material and immaterial borders that make it more difficult for the refugees to settle.

Malte photographic work is a study of the architectural infrastructure for the accommodation of refugees in Germany provided by the state. He explores which social structures are visualizing through the architecture of refugee accommodations and what impact architecture and urban planning in this field have on refugees and locals. Through this, he is engaging with the question, to what extend integration is being supported in Germany.

Malte Uchtmann (b. 1996, Hamburg, Germany) is a photographer and visual artist based in Hanover.

In his work he uses photography as a medium to reflect the structures of our society and its influences on our lives. Besides his work on socio-political long-term projects he is working on editorial and cooperate commissions. Since 2020 he is part of the photographers community GoetheExil Hanover.

In 2022, Ankommen / Arriving was published by Kult Books, after being awarded with the German Photobook Award 2020 (Dummy) and shortlisted by the Kassel Dummy Award 2020.