21 July - 27 July 2021

Wayfarer is the encounter between the imagination of an author and a territory, Garbatella, in which the author immersed himself for 30 days.

It is a process of re-appropriation.

Luca Brunetti tries to represent the neighborhood, while taking possession of it by using the sophistication of his own visual language, in order to pervade Garbatella's daily landscapes with a surreal atmosphere.

His personal imagination becomes embedded in the territory exalting it and creating recognizable but, at the same time, abstract uncanny visual itineraries. Just the author owns a sense of direction to get through them. The urban zone of Garbatella becomes part of an oniric dimension: rarefied faces chase each other, enlightened by artificial "Suns", glimpses of impossible saturations furnish a non linear narrative.

Surprised by this perceptual disorientation, we glimpse a fragment of the author's gaze, while he's working to modulate reality to get to intimately know it and to involve us in that.

Text by:

Francesco Rombaldi
Editor-in-Chief and Curator at Yogurt Magazine

Luca Brunetti (b. 1990, Rome, Italy) is a visual artist and curator that explores the photographic medium and its multiple representations.

After graduating from Dass at La Sapienza University in Rome, he joined a three-years Master course in Photography at SRF. He worked as assistant for two photo-journalists and co-founded a film production company: the Jaws Production.

Since 2018, he usually collaborates with Yogurt Magazine as a writer. In 2020 he and a partner founded the online magazine Fotonica, as a space for research and promotion of artists who share the same idea of experimentation with the photographic medium and the same interest in the combination of multimedia and photographic linguistics.

His work mainly focuses on the search for the human Identity.



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