Tell Us of Pain
25 October - 31 October 2020

Tell us of Pain is a project developed in Naples, in 2020.

It explores a voyage among the colours of the soul; an attempt to reconcile the body with the mind; an awareness of a human that sleepwalks while reading The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and searching for their own awakening.

In these landscapes, Greta understood and made peace with the pain; the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding. Just as the stone of the fruit has to break for its heart to stand in the sun, so we too must know pain.

Greta Valente (b. 1996, Aosta, Italy) moved to Milan in 2015 to pursue a creative career, studying Photography and Visual Arts at the European Institute of Design.

She graduated in 2018 with her first published collection "Memories of Volatile Spaces", curated by the art critic and photography historian Angela Madesani.

Influenced by spatial explorations and literature, Greta uses photography as a medium for self-discovery. Greta's creative vision focuses on the dialogue between landscape and still life, which she brings to the viewer through her images. She is currently based in Milan, however her photographic research brings often her to the Alps.


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