Diego Costantini
25 February - 2 March 2020

Appocundrìa (a term used in the Neapolitan dialect to express in a more meaning deep nostalgia) therefore expresses the need for a world more akin to his soul, but it also hides the pain of a future never lived described in figurative terms thanks to a little harmonious and twisted gesture up to the distortion of reality itself.

In the Italian language it is practically untranslatable and the word with the closest meaning is the Portuguese: saudade. In the construction of the series, Diego therefore focused on discovering this sensation, transforming these sensations into images for a real awareness of one’s own concerns.

“An existential boredom and veined with sceptical but melancholy detachment for something indefinable”

Like a profound disease of the soul, when it suffers because it is dampened by the rationality that suffocates everything to survive the rhythm of the modern era, made of great anxieties and dissatisfaction up to the inhumanity of the media, everything is commodity, everything is economy, until the complete evanescence of the values that distinguish us from others.

Diego Costantini (b. 1996, Pescara, Italy) is an author, working mainly as a photographer.

His photography is characterized by a continuous search for signs derived from the use and customs of his native land through landscapes differentiated by their metaphysical silence and therefore towards a progressive departure from action photography to find the balance of a definitive image, timeless, at the base of his works there is a particular attention to preserve the photographic instinct that from the beggining finds its fundamentals in the relationship between man and camera, a concrete link between the image and the author.