One of the most notable aspects of MADRE is the clear references to religion. Let us bear in mind that around 70% of the Bolivian population identifies themselves as Catholic, and this led to the development of values that are present in today's society. Religion is a very important part of the country and has ingrained preconceived ideas that are still maintained today, but they cannot longer stand on their own anymore.

The Catholic religion contributed to maintaining these prejudices towards womxn. Marisol Mendez investigates the traditional archetypes of Catholic women, such as the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene. Characters that helped her to approach a public familiar with this iconography, but subverting them by deliberately placing elements and details that offer new layers of understanding to these figures.

“In MADRE each element serves a purpose, and each purpose signifies a broader dialogue. While the iconography I employ creates accessibility and invites viewers in, there's a deliberate element of opacity that is pivotal to the project. Certain areas, moments, and layers remain elusive, adding to the intricacy and depth of a more intimate iconology. This creates room for critical analysis.”

-Marisol M