Alex Paganelli
Where the City Ends
26 February - 4 March 2023

This project documents one of the most distant peripheral areas of Lisbon, the terminal of the train line that connects the center of the capital to Sintra.

It shows the margins where the man-alterated landscape and the natural surrounding reach each other.

It’s the meeting point between urbanization and the rural area: where the city ends.

Alex Paganelli (b. Rome, Italy) is an advertising creative and self-taught photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

He studied Sociology and Communication at Urbino University and then began his career working as graphic designer in Rome, his native city.

In late 2008 he moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where he lives now. Currently he works as graphic designer for an advertising agency, while developing personal projects in photography.

His photos appeared on national and international online publications, including Expresso (Portugal), Viajes National Geographic (Spain), Vogue (Spain), Marie Claire (Spain), Forbes (Czech Republic), Harper's Bazaar Arabia (Dubai), CNN Greece and Remix (New Zealand).

Alex is a Shutterstock contributor, member of the Clube Criativos Portugal and the Narrativa collective.