Alba Deangelis
27 February - 5 March 2021

As a little kid my insatiable curiosity for the world drove me to start walking when I was just nine months old.

At the kindergarten they called me la bambina che vola, the girl that flies.

Growing up I wasn’t different; always gazing at stars, my imagination flew me beyond earth. At about twenty-four years old, I suffered from anxiety attacks and a slight depression that made me live in an unprecedented state of fear.

That world that I so much loved turned into a very scary place.

Coming out of fear was like a slow rebirth.

Fantasia is an emotional journey through the landscape of an abandoned bauxite mine in Otranto, Puglia.

Soul and landscape mirror themselves in each other’s marks.

Fractures are now possibilities.

Alba Deangelis (Apulia, Italy) is an architectural photographer based between Milan and Apulia, mediterranean region of South Italy.

She moved to Milan in 2007 to study architecture, a great change of culture and environment that shaped her mentally and visually. While studying she discovered architectural photography and started to use the camera to put the visual and emotional chaos under mental and aesthetic control. She started working professionally in 2017, always focusing on architecture, but also working on commissions relating the art and design world.

Through a process of detachment and sometimes abstraction, she focuses on few particular aspects of a space, isolating portions of it and merging them with her life experience and personal feelings about it.

Her personal and commissioned works are regularly published and exhibited through various platforms and institutions such as ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York, United States.