Aisling Edwards
Working against time
24 November - 30 November 2021

Working Against Time (2021) compares the 8th century landscape within the Welsh border to the modern 21st century landscape, to discover whether both terrains are still intertwined. Edwards created sculptural interventions using found materials in the locality that applied ancient battle text to the prevailing modern landscape around the Offa’s Dyke Path.

She also photographed subjects that are looming over the landscape which displayed terrains of spoiled, derelict and barren environments that recorded the impact from the forestry and filled the image with bleakness, sorrow and anguish. Other compositions contained full-frame, banal landscapes that are left to run wild which were deliberately included to act as a contract to the areas that have suffered human impact, both historically and more recently.

Edwards considers an intervention to be a temporary adjustment, not permanently impacting on the topographies. For her, permanence is achieved by documenting these sculptural interventions, preserving them into the future as evidence that they once existed within this space. Edwards’ landscape art acts as a reminder of the long history of humankind’s relationship with the Offa’s Dyke Path, marking this time within the landscape.

Aisling Edwards (b. 2000, United Kingdom) is a artist who produces a combination of sculptural interventions and observed landscapes as she contemplates the relationship between humankind and the natural world.

Drawing on social interactions with the modern landscape, her photographs record the effects of human impact on our environment. Edwards’ landscape arts are an outcome of her interaction and temporary interventions within the land. Her photographs act as site recordings, preserving into the future evidence that these spaces once were.