28 June 2022 -  04 July 2022

We are exhausted. We live with a general feeling of strangeness, weirdness and lack of control of our lives. We feel wasted because we spin aimlessly. The Earth is rare.

Rare-earth, on the other hand, are those minerals from the periodic table that were discarded, or that due to their strangeness, did not enter into regulatory classification systems. Since the 1950s, a global economic war has been brewing for the control of these minerals due to their great magnetic capacities and their essential use for the tech industry.

The problem here is the harmful extraction and delicate handling of these materials. We can find the most frightening case in Inner Mongolia, the Chinese region where the largest rare-earth mines in the world are located. The activity of the city of Baotou has even created a black artificial lake, completely filled with toxic tech’s waste.

At the same time, the Earth has become rare. Flowers bloom at a random time and birds do not know where they are migrating. We could treat this change towards the bizarre as a Copernican turn, a destabilization of what we had understood as normal. The Earth has stopped turning, we are the ones who turn around it, scratching its edges, scanning its weaknesses, exhausting its soul.

“Rarearth” deals with the complexities that exist between the excess of digitality and geology. Two dazed characters who wander around lost in a quarry of toxic mud. They are hanging some parallel stories, as a caress on the black mirror of our devices that transforms into a scratch on the cracked territory.

‘rarearth’ is a videoinstallation made by Yosi Negrin. The project was shortlisted by the jury for the 12th edition of Organ Vida 2022. The full visual piece was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb as part of the group show entitled: ‘No Tears Left to Cry’.

The following images are individual shots extracted from the videoinstallation.

Yosi Negrín Ruiz (b. 1994, Tenerife, Spain) is an architect, artist and curator.

Yosi Negrín's work focuses on the existing and obscure link between the virtual and the real. His work investigates the construction of landscape and material reality forming in relation to our knowledge of technology and the digital. Negrín’s architectural background has led him to employ several media such as moving images, 3D imagery, ready-mades, and diverse simulations of the post-natural environments, producing installations that play with and disturb built nature and our perception of space. Currently, Negrín explores how technology shapes not only our vision of reality in the present, but also how it unfolds in space-time, giving rise to the possibility of imagining potential futures. His polymorphic practice is developed from a critical and ecological point of view, shifting between the possible scenarios where the prevailing techno-capitalism's agents operate.

His most outstanding solo shows are "Zone Cero, Cenotafio Digital" or "2020, Wasted Panorama". His work has been exhibited in institutions such as, Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb, Maus Hábitos (Porto), Conde Duque Cultural Center (Madrid), TEA (Tenerife), Las Cigarreras (Alicante), the XVII Architecture Biennale (Venice) or in galleries and spaces in Barcelona, Valencia, Palermo, Tehran and New England. Yosi is also co-founder of the Casa Antillón Art and Architecture collective.



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