T A D A S   K A Z A K E V I C I U S


September 2019

Tadas Kazakevicius is a documentary photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. He’s specially interested on individuals and their stories, which captures with medium and large format film cameras.

Could you give us an overview of the project? What was the reason that moved you to develop it and the story behind of it?

I started Soon to be gone because I fell in love with photography of FSA (Farm Security Administration), during the great depression in United States. They created some sort of archive of rural human in America as they were migrating to California and abandoning their rural homes. In some sense I saw this vast migration in Lithuania. Rural areas started to be abandoned as old generation is dissapearing and young people choose to live in cities or even move towards other EU countries (after walls were opened by joining EU).

The concept of migration to big cities have a strong prese

nce in your series and it’s a fact that happens in a lot of countries. But, how does this migration from the countryside affects specifically in Lithuania?

I believe it’s no difference. Same processes though I believe that it leaves a big gap in traditions and other things. Young people really abandoning their traditions, feel that it is redundant and pointless, thought by this they become more perfunctory. Maybe in other countries traditions are less connected with rural areas, so they are less abandoned. I do not really know. All that I know that in a lot of countries the rural person does not exist anymore.

There are intimate moments in your photographs, we asume that you have been with these people at their homes. How was their perspective about this youth migration?

Yes I do spent a lot of time before I come to image making so we talked a lot. It is very diverse. To some, they are happy their children found better life as life in rural areas is not so easy. Some of them are sad to be abandoned by children and young generation in general.

Interview by
Juan Blasco

Founder & Curator - Conceptual Projects

Images: Courtesy by the artist
Tadas Kazakevicius

Tadas Kazakevicius was the first artist feature on Conceptual Projects Instagram feed back in 2019.

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