Chilluns Croon
08 April 2022 -  14 April 2022

Based on the historical archive Black Wide-Awake (documents of genealogical and historical interest of Wilson County, North Carolina’s African-American past curated by Lisa Y. Henderson)

Chilluns’ Croon investigates themes of slavery, absence, remembrance, spirituality, mortality and morality of African American families from Wilson, NC. Reflecting on old transcripts from the Federal Writers Project - told by African former slaves, the symbolic series is a compilation of photographs that resembled old spiritual beliefs and stories of love and loss from the time of slavery. A modern crumbling landscape where new generations from families of freed slaves keep fighting for equality and awareness.

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez (b. 1989, Bogota, Colombia) is a photographer and publisher currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

His work in medium and large format explores unassuming scenes, often using poetic devices to create symbolic images that bring new value to overlooked settings of human mortality and social issues in regions with a historical background. His most frequent subject is how mankind and nature interact and coexist, and he explores how time, history and environmental changes alter the relations between the two.



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