Tangled (Ukuxinana)
03 August 2022 -  09 August 2022

`’Give a man a mask and he will show you his truth`’ . but at times he is genuinely hiding from it. This is a painful truth, an angry truth, a sad truth, a grieving truth. And more often so the man becomes a prisoner of his resistance; his hiding… he becomes a prisoner of his mask.

I’ve had to develop a tendency of weaving personas (masks) in accordance to the many realities that I either wanted to be in or escape. The emotions around the passing of my mother, was one I wanted to escape. She passed when I was a child and I’ve ever since hid myself from grief, and every time I expose myself to this truth I’m overwhelmed with deep sadness and anxiety.

…I create a mask, I dress in women’s clothing, I photograph.

Ironically the creation of the literal mask has become a space and process of grieving and a moment of honesty with self. A space of remembrance and release. The apparels of women find themselves in my creation as memories of my mother, and as influences of the many women in my household that groomed me.

…I feel, I create a mask, I remember, I photograph .

…I surrender, I find relief

Lunathi Mngxuma (b.1998, Lady Frere, Eastern Cape, South Africa) is an artist based in Thokoza, Gauteng.

Lunathi Mngxuma is a photographer and visual artist who through mask making poignant Self-potraits, explore grief. His start in photography came from conversations with his friends. He found out that most of them had hobbies that they wouldn’t talk about, he decided to do photography, and was introduced to photography through the Of Soul and Joy Photography project in 2016. As he got more knowledge he discovered that photography was deeper than a hobbies as you can raise conversations and debates with it .His interest is in documentary and conceptual photography as he was inspired by the works of Zadzslaw Baksinski a polish painter



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