I Am Where I Am
11 September 2022 -  17 September 2022

I Am Where I Am is a series of performative actions with staged photographs and videos made in 2021. The work questions the definition of a person’s existence in the new media era and shows how people heavily rely on technology, especially during a severe pandemic.

The artist shot the whole series within her house and uploaded it on Instagram every week. Each week had a topic related to an aspect of daily life, food, bathroom, sleeping..., and the process lasted for sixteen weeks. The screen is a crucial metaphor in work. People use it to receive and send data every day, and it is hard to live without it. The screen becomes a distorted window to observe others and a filtered mirror to reflect on oneself.

To imply the loss of identity on the social platform, Liu replaces her head with the pictures on screens, and it creates surreal illusions that question the truth behind the digital utopian. aims to reveal the issues like consumerism to the body, the controls of the algorithm, and the blurry boundary between real life and the digital world.

Liu Entung (b. 1995, Taipei, Taiwan) is an interdisciplinary artist.

Entung’s works explore the intersection of multiple fields: visual art, performance, and technology with various methods like paintings, photography, performances, installations, videos, and sounds.

She received a BFA in Multimedia Art at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2018 and a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University in 2022. LIU was one of the ten winners of the BBA 2022 photography prize by BBA Gallery and selected artist for the Vision of Future NFT art collection by Saatchi Art. Her works have been exhibited at La Galerie du Génie de la Bastille in Paris, France, and Arena Berlin during Berlin Photo Week in Berlin, Germany. LIU has performed at Treasure Hill Artist Village, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Fuzhong15 Animation and Story Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan.

Currently, she is living in NYC and shooting the series. Entung's work is a transparent mirror, which reveals the absurd moments of daily life, and its reflection overlays the invisible issues under the new technology fantasy. Her creative process often begins with observing and feeling, and then she will build an intensive connection between the body and space. With both visual art and performance background, LIU cares about how body gestures influence the angle of eyesight and how it affects people's awareness. Besides one-person performances, she is also exploring participatory theater. The artist believes 'Daily life is a theater, and the theater is life.' Participation is a compelling method to unfold static social structure and re-image the existing world. Through her art practice, LIU hopes to show the relationships between identification, technology, nature, and life through her works



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