Is it me or is it you?
13 January - 19 January 2021

‘Is it me or is it you?’ is an ongoing series that features photographic images and animations that all focus on the topic of memory and forgetting.

Throughout time, memories tend to change and alter.

They become distorted versions of what once was real.

Can they be visually recreated?

Katharina found a personal way of navigating through the confusion of memories. She connects colours to certain kinds of memories, emotions or people. Through the intuitive knowledge of which memory needs to be connected to which colour, she tries to relive her own past. The artwork can be seen as a contemplation about closeness, companionship and joy. The colour blue is a representation of satisfaction and solace, as much as love. The soft pink is the familiar and the comfort of the known. Green turns into a symbol of uncertainty and the mysterious. They all blend together and meet each other in the mind through the act of remembering.

Katharina Siegel (b.1993, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a visual artist that mainly focuses on photography and currently lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

She has studied Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy and Graphic design. Presently she graduates in photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Her works focus on questions of perception, identity, intimacy and the contemplation of the inner world and mind. Hiding, concealing and masking are common themes within Katharina’s work. She has exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo and Frankfurt.



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