The Balance Between Us
30 August 2022 -  05 September 2022

In everyday life, expectation never captures reality. It is often a beautiful vision and becomes an impossible burden. Socialization is such a funny thing. So it happens that common weaknesses bring us apart. We need to know which one is infallible.

If I am not one, do I have to be the other? Someone must make sense of it if the other person loses their mind. A balancing act calls for coexistence at eye level. One carries the other and vice versa. Far from violence and power, an ethic is developing that embraces both.

Inequality is an ideological catastrophe because I recognize myself in the reflection of your eyes. You carry me, so I do you. Finding the right path in avoiding steps, we used to dance before. It is not the same old song with unspoken words.

The balance between us is an installation piece out of three panels inspired by a medical screen.

Julia Albrecht (b. Germany) is a lens-based artist.

Her work examines the linkage between sociological and psychological research and is intensively preoccupied with personal experiences. It constantly draws from a profound curiosity for humanitarian issues and cultural phenomena. Her body of work touches the realms of the paradoxical in life.

The materials in her installations form a contrast and resemble a balancing act. The subject matter is found between the wellbeing and discomfort, the thesis and the antithesis of each individual. Finding one’s way in society is like walking a tightrope from birth. The spaces between identity and memory emerge from this imbalance.



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