Inner Emptiness
13 November 2022 -  17 November 2022

Almost or always the human being is never present, maybe I'm wrong, he is there but with his workforce, so there is the experience, the past and it is precisely from here that I would start. We are in the Coppola Village, a fraction of Castel Volturno, in Campania. Here the passage of man was abrupt, unhappy, with the air of a dictator. To tell the truth it was just like that, a village overlooking the sea, considered an example of illegal building, today the structures are occupied by immigrants and drug addicts, all? Thanks to illegal acts, not knowing the future consequences of what could have been. Today, a place left to itself, nature takes over here.

This is a project called Inner Emptiness, a past built, lived and abandoned.

Moments of the beach that symbolize inner solitude, telling it through a few element essential. The term Interior, in my opinion representing elements such as the guard cabin, the dog bed, the empty building, the changing rooms, certainly recalls the interiority of a memory, a lived life and therefore a joyful and serene past, made up of children and families, gathered in a summer carefree.

It must be said that certainly the void also represents a very large exterior of what the Coppola Village is today. Because reality tells us that the place is absent from any type of redevelopment activity in the area, plus tourism is eliminated and therefore we just have the beauty in the misfortune of being able to admire an empty landscape, but full of memories inside.

In this case the void also takes on a different meanin or a multiple meaning, such as melancholy, there is to analyze my subjectivity on what are the fundamental principles in most of the photographs, namely the opposition between the overcast sky, the sea and the beach that everyone is attributed with the its limit, the division that detaches it. The sky, in its clouds, tells of a past cruelty that has left open wounds in the present and is therefore the reality of today. The sea is a container of memories and accomplished actions, he has seen everything, good and evil, today represents a block of reality, has no way out, locked up in itself with the impossibility of carrying out acts that recall a recovery phase or a continuous worsening of the situation, eternal waiting, the eternal boundary. The sand, its soft and warm color represents a sense of serenity, peace, where the only problems were to choose the flavor of the favorite ice cream, goes to reconnect to the past of a lifetime lived, the endless summers, the endless days but it also gives a sense of hope for the future.

Francesco Capasso (b. 2001, Naples, Italy) is a young photographer based in Italy.

At the age of 17 he was given a camera by his parents and from there he began his photographic journey. In the early years his expressive study focused on the uniqueness of the subject and total subtraction within the frame. Then he decided to devote himself entirely to photography and its theoretical study. He studied Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Today his works focus on the search for an inner depth, through his essential objective gaze. The precision and geometry are the masters in his photographs, he places a careful study on the colors used. According to his theoretical studies, photography is for him to ask himself the reason for each situation, so that everything can make sense, the "why" is synonymous with waiting, study and research. Use the photograph as the last part.

His works have been published with Broad Magazine Inner Emptinness, ArtDoc Magazine Inner Emptinness , Aesthetica Magazine ISSUE 108. In 2022 he receives an "Honorable Mention" at the Minimalist Photography Awards with A16, on The Pupil Sphere he is selected as one of the best academic students of the 2022 with Inner Emptinness , Official Selection at the International Photography Awards with A16,Honorable Mention Neutral Density Photography Awards, A16.



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