A Border Without a Wall
01 June 2022 -  07 June 2022

As the Nile approaches the sea it unravels gently and traces the boundaries of a vast and green plain in the endless desert. Flat as the sea it touches, and home to millions of farmers and fisherman, this country has a natural border that may invade with unrelenting force within our lives. This project focuses on regions of the world that are facing the existential threat of rising sea levels and takes here the example of the Nile Delta Coast.

If we are at all familiar with these regions, we know them from harrowing journalistic imagery that shows a land in crisis. With this project I instead use wide and cinematic imagery of the quiet and ordinary beauty of the region in order to create a more vivid and impactful sense of place and life.

Desmond Kavanagh (Ireland) is a designer and photographer.

He recently took a career break to explore photographic projects. He is interested in using fine art and cinematic imagery to find the quiet, ordinary beauty in the messy real world in order to cut through the noise of fast journalism and create empathy and emotional connection.


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