Conceptual Projects started in September 2019 as an online platform which showcases and supports emerging photographers from all over the world.

Our aim is to give artists an online space to share their recent works on a weekly basis. Through our Instagram account and website we curated an extense archive that serves as a visual catalogue of contemporary projects.

Always open to collaborate with young and underrepresented artists, writers and curators, Conceptual Projects is a platform in constant expansion. In 2022 we launched ‘Editions’ our new initiative where everyone can purchase affordable prints by some of our previously featured photographers and directly support their careers and the continuity of the platform.

At Conceptual Projects we are always open for submissions and we thank everyone who shares their work with us. 

Due to the amount of submissions that we receive, we alwa ys try to reply to everyone, but if we don’t come back to you in one week, please contact us again through a direct message on Instagram and we will review it as soon as possible. 

We also want to assure everyone who shares their work with us that we never publish anything without talking first with the creator. Our aim is to involve the artist in her/his showcase, and share through our platform their current projects, upcoming exhibitions, collaborations, features on magazines...

If you want to collaborate with us, share your ideas, or you have some question, please
get in touch with us

Founder & Curator:
Juan Blasco

In order to give more exposure to the works of some of our previously featured artists, Conceptual Projects has an active partnership with Kooness.

Founded and based in Milan, Kooness provides everyone passionate about art - from newbies to major art collectors - with a new and simple way to discover, share and buy contemporary art. Their growing online database of contemporary art can be used by art lovers, students, art dealers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, curators, artists and educators to discover, collect and learn about art. Kooness aims to provide all users with the correct tools to access the vast contemporary art world in a very simple way.

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