Conceptual Projects started in September 2019 as an online platform which showcases and supports emerging photographers from all around the world. Our aim is to give artists the opportunity to share their work through our Instagram account, and create an online archive for them that is available at our website.

Since 2019 we have been publishing a weekly project in our feed. We also share daily stories carefully curated selecting photographs from our hashtag and based on a themed research.

H O W   T O   S U B M I T


If you are interested, please send us an email with the following guidelines:
    ·Good quality images 

    ·Project Statement


    ·Website link


Articles and Interviews are going to be implemented soon on our platfom. If you have some ideas and written examples, please send us an email attaching:

    ·A short example of one of your texts
    ·Link to some of your previous works

    ·Name, BIO and website

Conceptual Projects wants to thank everyone that submits their work. We take every project seriously and we are trying to give everyone the chance to show their work.

Due to the amount of submissions that we recieve, we always try to reply everyone, but if we don’t come back to you in one week, please contact us again through direct message on Instagram.

We also want to assure everyone who shares their work with us that we never publish anything without talking first with the creator. Our aim is to involve the artist on her/his showcase, and share through our platform their current projects, upcoming exhibitions, collaborations, features on magazines...

If you want to collaborate with us, share your ideas, or you have some question, please
get in touch with us

Founder & Curator: Juan Blasco

© All rights reserved. Orginal images on this website are governed by the artists own copyright. All photos and texts are revisited and there’s a mutual agreement by both parts for the fair use of it.

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